Starting in 2013, I begun writing reviews of some of the books I read, movies I watch, and occasionally, games I play. What I’ve noticed already is that this habit has led to some fundamental changes. When I know that I’ll have to summarize my thoughts afterwards, I analyze books, movies and games more critically, which makes these activities less passive and more rewarding. I won’t review all of the books, games or movies that I consume. I will strive to highlight only those which I recommend here.

Also linked below is a page with Productivity Tool Recommendations.


Life in China

Productivity Tools

In 2015 I published a list of my favorite Productivity Tools and Apps to share with friends and family. Since then I’ve updated it, adding new apps and removing deprecated ones.



Here’s a long list worth checking out, which has been frequently updated: The Best Mobile Games.

In December of 2015, I published a post outlining the year in mobile games, with links to 85 games available on the App Store.