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In 1999 I handed a D.C. club promoter a casette tape DJ mix before he asked me what my DJ name was. I said just write Charlie and he wrote “Just Charlie” on the flyer for one of my first gigs, and the name stuck.

I’m a traveling technologist who’s lived in China for 15 years, and the creator and editor of Chengdu Living, a blog about life in capital of Sichuan Province. For ten years I’ve been telling the story of the city through the eyes of foreign residents who live in this far-flung place. Until the 2020 pandemic put that on temporary hiatus.

In 2010 I formed a musical group and event called Disco Death which has hosted dozens of DJs from around China. A few years later I helped start and run Dojo, a series of underground music events that take place in a rural house on the outskirts of the city.

I have a few other projects like the China Gaming Federation, and China Bloggers (which has been spun off and is now managed Josh of Far West China).

After spending years as a designer and developer in the mobile games industry, I’m freelance now. Sometimes I am a contributor to articles, books and films about the development of Chengdu’s technology sector.


I’ve been DJ’ing on turntables since 2001 and have recorded over 20 DJ mixes ranging in style from hip hop to drum & bass to downtempo. You can download some of my favorites here: View Mixes

Street Photography

I’ve been hooked on photography since I was a teenager and whenever I travel to a new country, my camera is always with me. On this site I’ve collected photos from 15+ countries. My particular interest is street photography: View Photos

Side Projects

You could say I’m hooked on side projects. I always have new things going on. The most long standing ones are Chengdu Living and Disco Death, but there are others always coming and going. Links and information on most of them are here: View Projects

About this website was (for 10+ years) a website solely dedicated to my DJ career. I registered the domain name after only a few years of DJ’ing and for its duration it has hosted a DJ biography, more than 12 DJ mixes and compilations, and songs which I’ve produced on my own and in collaboration with other artists.

Since my life is much more than DJ’ing now, I have repurposed this domain and made it the hub for my blog, which for 6+ years was called The 19th Step (named after one of my favorite locations in Chongqing, one of the world’s most populated cities). So you can follow what I’m up to and still download my songs and mixes from the navigation at the top of the site. I think this is the best way to combine the sites and services that are important to me while preventing different projects from being scattered and fragmented.


A few services which you can find me on:

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