1. Keep all table and counter tops clean
  2. Store kitchen appliances in a cupboard (blender, grinder, Aeropress)
  3. Reduce kitchenware to 3 bowls, 3 plates, 3 cups, and 3 sets of utensils
  4. Move all my web browser bookmarks to Pinboard. Delete all local bookmarks
  5. Setting fewer apps to run on startup on my Mac (my 7 essentials)
  6. Install Ad-Block in Google Chrome to block ads automatically
  7. AchieveĀ inbox zero daily. Leave nothing unread or marked for later
  8. Go paperless by scanning documents and business cards and using Evernote
  9. Get rid of books, they’re just clutter. Switch to reading on Kindle
  10. Delete all unnecessary apps from my iPhone and iPad
  11. Adjust Facebook to “Hide updates” from everyone except family and close friends
  12. Install Bartender on Mac and hide everything in the menubar
  13. Get rid of vinyl records. Switch to Serato and DJ with a laptop
  14. Keep only a handful of apps in the dock on my Mac. Ones that keep me on track.
  15. Save articles I want to read with Pocket, then read them later on iPad
  16. Stop managing a 300gb iTunes library. Sign up to Spotify
  17. Sell instruments and hobby articles that I haven’t used in months
  18. Give away clothes that haven’t been worn more than a few times in the last year
  19. Have only one computer. I don’t need a second.
  20. Hang photos on the wall, don’t rest them on flat surfaces
  21. Buy a harddrive to back everything up and then eliminate unnecessary files
  22. Get rid of DVDs and Blu-Ray movies. Download or stream everything
  23. Affix power outlet strips and daily use cables to the underside of my desk
  24. Set a solid color computer desktop wallpaper
  25. Don’t pirate any software. This will reduce what you use to what you need

Some of these are complete, some are in-progress.