2022 Movies with One-Sentence Reviews

Although I track the movies I watch on Trakt.tv, last year at this time I published a post about Movies in 2021 and I’m doing the same again. Last year I rated them 1-10, this time I’m doing the same with the addition of one sentence reviews.

These are listed chronologically, from most recent to the beginning of 2022.

Avatar 2 – Beautiful but otherwise unimpressive in every way 7/10

Rocky – More of a drama than a boxing movie with a shockingly good performance from Stallone 9/10

Rocky II – Slow, sad, and dramatic until the triumphant and thrilling third act revival 8.5/10

Rocky III – Cameos from 1980’s superstars Hulk Hogan and Mr T. are fun, but the pattern of diminishing returns from Rocky movies is becoming clear 7.5/10

Rocky IV – Still not bad but becoming very predictable and formulaic now; should have stopped with the third 7/10

Con Air – A camp classic, but the wooden performance from Cage along with dialogue that reveals a boring one-dimensional character makes this one which has aged poorly 6.5/10

Red Dawn – The Wolverines are the scrappy underdogs you want to win, but their utterly implausible escapades combined with the film’s corny production values gets mostly unintentional laughs 6/10

Miracle Mile – This dialogue-driven nuclear holocaust drama unfolds in an LA diner late at night and ends with a depressing surprise 7.5/10

The Warriors – This memorable, campy depiction of 1970’s New York looks great, feels ridiculous, and is still a lot of fun 8.5/10

MK Ultra – Painfully boring film about a riveting historical event 4/10

Heat – One of the best casts of any movie ever made with the best shoot-out in film history 9.5/10

Lone Survivor – A gritty, realistic depiction of war in Afghanistan which is unusually authentic 8/10

The Greatest Beer Run Ever – A goofy Vietnam tourist movie starring Zac Efron with HGH face that is unlikely to hold your attention 6.5/10

The Bourne Identity – A well-executed James Bond espionage thriller without all of the cliche baggage that earns its sequels 8.5/10

The Godfather I – It seemed unlikely that this film would live up to the monumental expectations I had, but it did 9.5/10

The Godfather II – Incredibly, even better than the original 10/10

The Godfather III – What I thought would surely be the weakest of the Godfather trilogy, which concluded with a third act that I’ll never forget 9/10

Jaws (theater) – A slower era of filmmaking defines this creepy, quasi-natural thriller which produces a few shocking surprises 8.5/10

Ambulance (flight) – Terrible characters, awful action sequences, nothing in this entire movie looks remotely real, of course Michael Bay 3.5/10

Beavis & Butthead Do the Universe – Low brow, low expectations; as stupid and fun as I could have hoped 8/10

Collateral – Free-form, like jazz, led by a confident and brilliant performance by Tom Cruise 9/10

2000 Mules – More informative than entertaining, the steal included many more counties outside of Fulton and Maricopa which were most talked-about 7.5/10

What is a Woman? – The brilliance of this documentary is that it reveals the unreasonableness of this movement’s advocates with questions that aren’t hostile or discourteous 8/10

Top Gun Maverick (theater) – A thrilling joy on Memorial Day in the theater, and shockingly, a fitting and fully qualified sequel to one of the 1980’s greatest films 9/10

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (theater) – The perfect movie for Nicolas Cage to make at this stage of his career now that he has aged graceful into the real-life role of living meme 8.5/10

Idiocracy – A dumber and more crass depiction of a dystopian future which is not much less visionary than Orwell’s 1984 9/10

Scream (theater) – Another entry in the innumerable Scream franchise which is grippingly violent and fun enough 7.5/10

Hell or High Water – A modern classic in the pantheon of contemporary Westerns 9/10

The Town – A criminally underrated heist film masterminded by creative genius and insufferable political activist Ben Affleck 9/10

December 23, 2022|

Biblical Scenes Depicted By AI

Over the last two months I’ve generated hundreds of images with an artificial intelligence algorithm called Midjourney, with interesting and unexpected results. The more images I’ve generated, the more I’ve come to learn that getting exceptional output requires both knowledge of how the algorithm interprets inputs and sufficiently creative scenes to depict. So I thought I would hit it with some biblical phrases and scenes, and this is what it came up with.

November 2, 2022|
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