I’ve been working onĀ mastering Chinese for a decade now. I’ve tried everything you can imagine: from iPhone apps, which have been instrumental, to Rosetta Stone, which was a waste of time. I enjoy discussing and trying new methods of improving my Chinese, and we did exactly that on the Chengdu Living podcast when we recently recorded an episode entirely about learning Chinese.

But a website devoted just to learning Chinese has produced something much more valuable: an infographic about the most useful tools for Chinese learners.

TheĀ information on this infographic is from 50+ of the top bloggers in China, and it’s an honor to be included here. Click on the image below to see the full infographic, or look for the link below.

Learn Chinese infographic

Here’s a link to the original article on their website which includes the actual feedback given by each of the bloggers: Learn Chinese the Way 50+ Professional Bloggers Do. The article also includes links to all of the resources mentioned in the infographic.

See the full-size infographic