I didn’t have to work last night because they arranged for the Kims to dance in a classy coffee shop. The place was great, but just not meant for something as loud as our show. The atmosphere was great, and the live band was truly fantastic. Generally speaking I think music in China is sub-standard; everyone just wants to hear the same five songs which are currently popular. Turn on the radio and flip through the channels and you’ll probably hear 4 different stations simultaneously broadcasting the same song. But when you least expect it, you’re blown away. It was a 4-member downtempo psuedo-jazz thing; perfect for the setting and ocassion.

I met a few people and spent a few hours there hanging out and enjoying the music after both of the Kims went back to our hotel. Somewhere shortly before 2am we’re all sitting there and someone darts in the door behind me, grabs something off the tables, and flies out. People get up and start to chase him as I turn around and figure out what’s going on; some kid had snatched a cell phone and sprinted down the street with it. I was late, but I got up and chased the people who were chasing him. He apparently got in a cab and got away, which is a real shame. If only I didn’t have my back turned to him. I’ll be more careful with leaving my cell phone on the table now.

Today we went to a badass waterpark, very similar to the one we went to in Guangzhou. The sun is shining and its hot but pleasant outside with a slight breeze. We spent 3 hours in the sun and came inside to eat and check our e-mail, so I expect we’ll shortly head back out there.

Kim spent all day yesterday working on grafitti. There’s a 6×12′ red, orange, and yellow mural of a hippo near a construction site across the street from our hotel.

There’s a big club here called KK Club. It’s supposed to be among the most popular in China; people told us to expect to see Chinese celebrities there. Not that I would know who any of them are.