today has been quite the interesting day. esfand send me a link to his gay blog thing and i was like, you are gay. but since i’m quite the copycat bitch and i feel like i have something to say today, i went ahead and joined. i fully endorse the inevitable verbal lashings i know i’ll get.

a few hours ago lonnie fisher send me an IM and asked if i wanted to open for fabio at Sonar in baltimore. i was torn between meh and wtf because i haven’t played drum & bass out in a club in a long time, and i haven’t been to sonar or even seen lonnie in the last year or so. i asked him which room it was in, and when he said that it was in the main room, i knew it was time to charge so i said i was in. so now i have to get new records to prepare for this, and get back into practice. i haven’t even had two turntables set up in a few months (been skratching just on one deck). i think it was the right decision to make, however, considering the 2+ years i spent trying to play in that room. i think of all the local gigs i’ve had, playing in the lounge at sonar has been my favorite. the only thing as badass as the booth there is the atmosphere. the main room is much more rugged, so i don’t think i can really play the same kind of set, but that’s okay. honestly i don’t even know if i care about who’s there or not, it’s just about fulfilling a dream that i was once pretty serious about.

my shure e2 earbuds arrived today. i’ve had esfand for a few days at home and i’ve been using them everynight – they’re really great and i like them a lot. i used them mostly for the monroe institute hemisync records that i fall asleep to. i’m not sure how effective they’ve been thus far, but i can’t give up yet since it’s only been a few days. explaining how they work is kind of a complicated matter, but more or less, they provide subliminal ‘brain’ training while you sleep or meditate.

work has been really pretty busy today but somehow i’ve taken the time to write this. we’re finalizing the WebGear logo this week and i’ve had several meetings with the stand in president of the company about it. it’s funny what the uninformed think about logos – he wants it to have a drop shadow, or be a really literal representation of something. working as a designer in a place that isn’t design-oriented is a constant compromise; the negotiation never ends.

back to work.

also, today is 4/20!