i drove the sti around today for about an hour. it was pretty sweet. the car is definitely faster than anything i’ve ever driven (faster than the 2003 hardtop M3). it has a little bit of turbo lag, but once you hit 5k it flies. we raced a neon srt-4 which i think was stock, and smoked it. corys friend has a wrx with apparently $80,000 in it, which has 500hp (400 to the ground). suffice to say, i don’t know what can keep up with that besides ferraris and lamborghinis, which you actually see on the streets around here.

tomorrow i’m going to scout out a local clinic and get hepatitis A & B shots, which will probably run me about $100, and then picking up some perscriptions that my pops filled for me. antibiotics that i should be having in china. then i’m going to THE DENT WIZARD which i’m told might be the miracle cure-all for my car. body shops are quoting me at $800 so i’m anxious to find a cheaper alternative.

talked to dad tonight, he’s leaving for mexico for a few weeks tomorrow. i think he’s doing pretty well, this is his third vacation this year, totalling something in the range of 2 months of vacation. i hope he enjoys it.

i sent mom & gene a large set of prints of my photos for christmas. i ordered them i think from mpix.com and got 3-day delivery. she ended up really enjoying them, and i’m glad. i gave an 8×10 enlargement to cory of a photo i got of him in the desert on his quad. he’s poppping a huge wheelie, with the front wheel at least 3 feet off the ground. after all the shit he got, including an xbox, car subwoofer and amp, dell dj (brand x ipod), and a rack of clothes, he said he liked my gift best. far fucking out, man.

i’ve been playing a lot of half life 2. i’m on the 11th mission out of 13, so i figure i’m pretty close to wrapping it up. i’m playing on the easiest difficulty level also, but it’s not really a breeze at all. once i finish it i’ll probably go through as much of it as i can at the hardest difficulty setting. most of the major obstacles that i’ve come across have been the puzzles. i have to say though, half life 2 is among the best pc games i’ve ever played.

it’s 3:30am and i’m gonna listen to the ipod in bed before passing out. this has been daily routine for the last few weeks. every night for the last 4 nights i’ve had vivid dreams of china and of travelling. i’m anxious to leave, but when i wake i feel like i’ve already started travelling.

today i met this cat, he said his name was damien, he thinks that we’re a lot alike and he wants to be my friend. sounds good to me. fuck it, what i got to lose?