i’m back to life.. i’ve been completely disabled the last week, really sick. sunday through wednesday i didn’t eat anything and could hardly talk. i’m at about 90% now.

went to my cousin anne’s wedding over the weekend, it was huge. over 400 people at the reception. she’s in my immediate family and i hardly knew anyone at the place. the groom was oddly missing, though.

spent some time with the family on sunday at my dads weekend house in charlottesville. celebrated the old mans birthday, got to catch up with todd and cass.

spoke to billy today via aim and he told me he’s putting in his 2 weeks this friday and leaving for santa monica. he’s never been to LA, but he’s driving across the country to live there. major props for the guts to do that. i’m also planning on driving across the country, i’m formulating my plan now.

currently listening to: Fout Tet