i’m over at aviks now, dropping tunes and hanging out. soon as i walk in the place we go behind his house and get high in his huge supercool garden where his family grows unfamiliar exotic vegetables. i pulled out a crate records 3-4 years old and we’re taking turns mixing this old stuff. some of it is really old klute and 31, great stuff that i haven’t heard in a while.

i’m not sure what i’m doing tonight, because i really don’t know what’s going on that doesn’t cost money. my attempts to be frugal have been for the most part really successful. i sold my home theater last night, which kind of hurt, actually a lot. i consider that one of best electronics purchases i’ve made, but i couldn’t take it with me. how much it has devalued actually really shocked me.. i bought it for $550 i guess about 2 years ago, and i ended up selling it for $220. that’s how it goes though i guess, an onkyo home theater isn’t a technics turntable. i’m trying to sell off some more stuff that i won’t be able to use, or that i have lying around. i need to go to my sisters house and pick up the stuff that i have stored there, because i don’t need any of that stuff. that includes 90% of my records, but i don’t know if i can handle selling those yet. i’m almost more inclined to store them at the farm where they’ll get old and dusty than sell them at $2 a piece or whatever they’re worth.

tomorrow i’m finally seeing aram. i’m supposed to give him a wake up call at 10 and then meet him at his place at 11, at which point we’ll go to his office and get that dental work done. it’s cool personally knowing a dentist, and also him being such a kick ass outstanding individual.

also, directly after that kevork says he’s dj’ing a wedding party. some of his friends that were in the jet program just returned from living in japan for a few years, and while over there they got married. the party for their domestic friends is tomorrow from 2-5pm, i think i’ll check it out. meet some new people, hang out in the nice weather, and what have you.

sunday i don’t have any plans, but i know that my mom wants me to photograph some things that she wants to sell on ebay. although, i think that when she says sell something on ebay, she really means have me sell it.

my turn..

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