Air – Kelly Watch the Stars

I’ve been listening to a lot of Air (the French music duo) recently since two recent events have brought them back to my attention.

  • Firstly, Cassady hooked me up with their discography when I was most recently in Hong Kong after we listened to┬áPremiers Sympt├┤mes at his place on vinyl (which was apparently one of his first records). I’m glad he did!
  • Second, I heard this song in the documentary produced by Banksy, Exit Through the Gift Shop when I recently saw it for the first time. Aside from it being a masterful documentary, the song was placed into the perfect position at a major turning point in the film. You’ll have to check it out if you haven’t already.

But many years previous, I first noticed Air in 2000 when DJ Strepsil included All I Need by Air in his “Smokey” DJ mix. That was the first downtempo mix cd that really blew my mind, and he followed it up with a pair of great sequels. Listening to those mixes 50+ times inspired me to record Downtempo Pilots and do an event by the same name.