Matthew Dear – Her Fantasy

I went to Michigan for the first time in the spring of 2004 to attend a weekend-long party in downtown Detroit, the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, with my Miami WMC buddy James, a Michigan-native. Although techno isn’t what I’m crazy for necessarily, the one performance that really blew me away was a live PA by Matthew Dear, Ghostly International co-founder (in case you haven’t heard of Ghostly, it is among the most respected techno labels in the United States).

The exciting thing about Matthew Dear is how prolific he’s become since 2004. Touring around the world, opening for Interpol, and releasing more albums that skirt the line between electropop and minimal techno while growing Ghostly. In 2004 I remember going to warehouse parties that just had the ghost logo spray painted on walls to indicate entrances and event locations. Cool stuff.