Shanghai. I got two gigs here, tomorrow night and Friday night. Also, SHORTKUT is here on Friday, and I’ll see him before I spin at 2am. I’m super amped for that, Shortkut is one of my favorite DJ’s. What a great coincidence that of all DJ’s it’s him, and of all times for him to be here, it’s this week.

It’s colder than Chengdu here. This place reminds me of Hong Kong very much. Everyone looks cosmopolitan and wealthy, and everyone is in a rush. I hung out with the drum & bass kingpin of HK and Shanghai, her name is Jane and she started a production company called Cloud 9 which threw every drum & bass party in HK from 97-2004, until she recently moved to Shanghai with her husband who’s a jealous British cook. She had some interesting insight on various DJ’s which she’s brought to Asia. She hates Teebee because he flipped out and threatened her when there was a problem with his visa, she thinks Dieselboy is full of himself (news flash), and Juju is cool as shit. Intalex is headed here next, unfortunately without Calibre, at the end of next month. I observed a meeting between 4 local drum & bass dj’s (out of 6, I hear) talking about promoting over the summer. They pretty much had a heated debate right in front of me, 5 minutes after I had met 3 of them. Too political. It reminded me of when Esfand, Chris, Cakes, and I were thinking about throwing a party and Chris fucked it up by overplanning and being really particular and insistive about planning.

I finally finished my guide to cultivation. I’ll post it on my website for download soon.