I went with Kevork and Eric to Sonar to check out Qbert tonight, the second time I’ve seen him at that venue. The last time was probably about 3 years ago, but I don’t think his performance has changed very much, although I still can’t say that it isn’t really impressive. It remains a 60-minute skratch solo, but this time included some juggling and two-handed stuff not utilizing his QFO turntable/mixer invention. Russell (DJ Stretch, the first guy that I picked up DJ’ing from) opened for him and it was great to see him and catch up. He’s living in Baltimore now again; I’d like to find time to hang out with him again, but I don’t think it’ll happen before I leave.

Tomorrow is Monday and I have many things to get done tomorrow that I couldn’t do today because of various places being closed on Sunday. In the evening at 7pm I’ll meet with Gene!