Damn you, Chinese PSB. I gave them my passport on Friday for a Visa extension and they told me it’d be ready on Monday. I came back today (Monday) and they said it’d be ready a week from today. Why didn’t they say NEXT Monday, then? I’m not sure if I can go to Langzhou with Human now. I shouldn’t need my passport for a domestic flight, but he keeps asking me about it. I hope that I can go, the pay is substantial and maybe even more significantly, I want to see another province and play for some people there and see what it’s like. I’m headed out in a few minutes to a cocktail party that Jasmine invited me to. I have to talk to her about a few things regarding work; specifically the transportation issue (I’m taking a taxi 1-2x a day to Long Quan) and the heat problem (the Long Quan apartment is super cold, and the blankets are insufficient). Speaking of cold, it snowed the other day! I didn’t think that it snowed in Chengdu at all, but apparently it does ocassionally. It’s been very cold the last few days; I can only go out in my big Diesel jacket, and I often have to wear my fingerless gloves. I watched some of Kung Pao last night, it was hilarious. I need to see the rest of it. I think I had seen a trailer for it somewhere but it looked cheesy… which it is, but it’s like Hot Shots, Scary Movie, and Loaded Weapon. The National Lampoon-like slapstick/spoof comedy subgenre. Some scenes are taken from old Kung Fu films and redubbed. Classy business for sure. I’m going to iron a dress shirt and be off for the cocktail party. Hopefully some Chengdu club promoters will be there and I can make some contacts to play in clubs that are closer to where I want to be than Long Quan.