On my way to Vietnam I had to make a stop in Kunming to have my passport mailed to me from Chengdu and then have it dropped off at the Vietnam consulate to process a visa – so I’m here essentially watching the clock tick for four days. Not really sure what to do here! 

Tomorrow my passport arrives and I’ll go to the computer district to check out a Canon 40D which I found online for sale here. It will break the hell out of my wallet but I figure I invest in a new body once or twice a decade and my 300D is starting to die after tens of thousands of exposures.

I found this cool iphone application which I’ve been messing with called Orions. It’s a turn based card game which is like a combination between Civilization and Magic: The Gathering. Real cool graphics and entertaining gameplay – turns out the iphone/ipod is a capable gaming platform. Bringing my DS with me on this trip seemed redundant.