i haven’t spent this much money on anything since i got my camera more than half a year ago. almost $600 on this damn thing. but i must say, it’s smooth as a babys ass. got a nice hoya uv filter and a lens hood for it. first official shoot is this saturday, taking promo shots with geometrix and designing a 4×6″ postcard to promote his website ( and his new mix cd called The Melting Pot (national distribution). pretty dope! havne’t had much time to play around with it, so i’ll do that this evening. hopefully when the sun starts to set i can get a chance to test out the IS capabilities.

last night after work i went to arlington to meet up with nicole. met at her place, brought a change of clothes with me. i was looking forward to seeing her, and i had no idea what it’d be like. everything happened really quickly when we met the other week, and i haven’t seen her in 10 days or so. didn’t seem like anything at all has changed in 10 days, though. we went to some crab place in arlington that i’ve never been to. arrive there around 8:30, stay till 11 or so. crabs are an immeasurably fantastic summertime activity. it’s really the kind of meal where you’re just hanging out and enjoying eachothers company. unlike more of a traditional restaurant meal which goes by much more quickly. drank a bunch of amstel light, she had girly daquiries and things, then i drove her car back to her place. get inside, flip around the tv, get miraculously lucky enough to catch Old School (right at the wedding scene). watch the entire movie, simply because it’s so powerful. it finishes at almost 1am, then go to sleep at her place. wake up, shower, get dressed, and head to work.

my sister needed a place to stay last night so she slept on the couch at my place. she knew i didn’t come home last night, told my mother and my boss, and now everyone at my work knows. not that it’s a secret or anything i’m ashamed of, but i don’t think i need that kind of attention at work. my mom was cool about it though, the more i learn about her the more i find that she’s the most awesome mother, ever.

today after work i have to meet with kathy, my sisters coworker, to design a brochure for her. goddamnit. i know it’ll consume the better portion of my afternoon and i won’t get anything for it. family sacrifices.

this damn cute 18 year old sent me a message on myspace today. i have a rule which dictates that i do not add anyone i don’t know personally to my myspace list, but i broke that today. spoke to her briefly on aim, she lives in pittsburgh. if she were in DC i’d want to shoot her. with a camera.

currently listening to: The Beatles – Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite! (Beatles megapost is awesome)