I ended up working last night, going to Andalu at 11:30pm to get some photography done. I applied for a nightlife photographer position on craigslist and started last night. I must say, I had a much better time than I thought I would. I get into the club for free, get free drinks all night, access to VIP (which is nice in a club like Andalu), and just take pictures of people all night. When I first walked in the place I was like ‘oh shit, it’s one of these places’. And by that I mean an ultra-trendy club with people who have collared shirts and flawlessly sculpted extravagant sideburns and shit. So I was there trying to get through this massive crowd (the place was a roadblock) with my huge camera, wondering what I’ll get shots of. After a few drinks it became a lot easier, and I fell into the roll of the outrageously outgoing photographer, provoking everyone into crazy poses and just having fun. Everyone was all about it – I met like 100 people last night, and probably can’t remember 2 of their names. Lots of interesting stories I could tell about last night. I’ll post some of the pictures below instead. My only real concern is exposing my camera equipment to smoke. There was a ton of smoke in that place and now my camera bag smells like smoke. I don’t like that so much.

really animated crackhead. he sings and dances for change. i gave him a dollar. he rules

brazillian samba / hip hop / progressive dj. he played some true jams last night. he gave me a cd i haven’t listened to yet.

this chick had the most kick ass breasts ever. i spoke to this guy with her and asked if he was her boyfriend, and if he was he better appreciate the flawless breasts. i said it loud so she overhead and she laughed and was flattered. i teased her about it a few more times. you have to admit, they are nice.

some guy was like “NO, LET ME PHOTOGRAPH *YOU*”. of course he had no idea wtf he was doing.

these guys represent. i asked the guy on the left why he had to outclass everyone in the place by showing up dressed like that and he said he just came from work. liar.

this girl was like 100% crazy. i don’t know if she was on e or just obsessed with me, but i think she attempted to rape me. she was pulling on my clothes and shit. for a while i was like cool and just had fun with it but after 2 minutes of that i was like okay gotta go.

this guy reminded me of “the dude”. i told him that and he was really excited. now that i look at the picture, his sunglasses look kinda girly. that isn’t necessarily un-dude, though.

i was in the VIP area and someone saw me with a camera and was like “YO YO MAN, GET MY FRIEND, I PROMISE, HE’LL BE HUGE IN 6 MONTHS”. he went on and on about how his friend was some upcoming hip hop guy or something. i was like whatever, and then yelled and bounced around like black people do with them for a few minutes.