guess i’m a little late posting this. wednesday night i played at sonar, in the main room. i had been looking forward to it for about a month or so, since it was a goal of mine a few years ago to play in that room (and the main room at nation, which will probably never happen). it was a lot of fun though, i went up with jason and esfand. i opened the room, and played from 10 to 11:15 or so. i was hoping that the place wouldn’t be really empty, but even if it was, i wouldn’t have really cared. most importantly, i just wanted to hear my tunes on the giant system. overall it went incredibly well, but not so much in a technical sense. i didn’t wreck any mixes, but the technicality of the whole thing was probably below my normal at-home level. even still, i didn’t care because there were 4 or 5 people loving it, dancing, yelling, etc. so i was pretty much charged for the whole thing, having an absolute blast. i played fragrance rain (which i found out about when pat played it at alias) and all these people went nuts. i love the tune, but i didn’t think it would get a reaction like that. later these guys approach me and tell me that that’s a remix of a theme song from the anime series macross. kewlz!!1

also, i drank way too much and i stayed out way too late. as soon as i got there i got three drink passes which i used up pretty quickly on a yuengling, a hulk (the ‘naked juice’ mixed drink in a pint glass), and a rum & coke. then jason got me another rum & coke while i was playing. then when i was done i got a pitcher which i split with esfand. then esfand got a pitcher which we split. then i got another pitcher which we split. after fabio finishing at 2, we were all seriously hurt. so what do we do? leave, jason drives, and as we get two blocks from the club, jason sees some girls he met in the club walking down the street. he stops, rolls down the window, talks for a minute, and esfand tells them we’re going to get breakfast. they suggest that they hop in and join us and we enthusiastically agree that this is a good idea. now 5 basically inebriated people are mashed in my car and we’re going to get breakfast. they’re telling us where to turn, etc. then the fucking lead us to their car! and get in the car. we got owned, hard. but we got breakfast anyway, in a crowded diner which took 30 minutes to serve our food. while we waited we were looking at this hot older blonde chick who was sitting in a booth with an old dude who was singing to her. but then a black guy with a hawaiian lay (sp?) on sat at the booth and cock blocked the other dude. we spoke to that guy on the way out, but i can’t recall his name. lawrence, maybe.

then we left, and i don’t really remember anything after walking out there until i woke up the next morning, hurting badly. i know that i didn’t get to sleep until 5am. i was pretty hungover the next day, until early afternoon.