i’m surrounded by microsoft knowledge base articles – they’re everywhere. i still haven’t really cleaned up the chaos that came with fixing the mail server on saturday. i’m afraid that it’s not 100% fixed so i keep them around until i feel a certain level of comfort.

last night i hung out with long, it was a good time. we cut for a while and caught up, i haven’t seen him in about a year. he’s steven and stephens cousin. as he’s about ready to go at 11:30pm or so, i get a call from emily. she says she’s at paolos, which is down the street, and wants to come over. here’s the story.

she went on a date with some guy who lives in arlington. for some reason beyond my understanding, she told him to meet her at paolos in reston, a block from where i live, which isn’t close to either of them. they hang out and have a bunch of drinks, and when she’s drank too much to drive home, she calls me, in front of him, and asks if she can come over and sober up. i cannot believe how hard she owned this guy. he sauces her up and she calls me in front of him, says goodbye, and comes to my place. it was awesome, she comes over half drunk, we laugh at the dude, then have crazy sex. then she leaves at 4am to beat traffic on her way home, i wake up and quickly go back to sleep, and have a wicked, albeit brief lucid dream.


currently listening to: Autechre – Piezo