damnit. here i am, 12:15pm saturday afternoon and in the office. i was watching the end of the last samurai this morning (which was excellent, by the way) when beau called me on my cell phone informing me that the mail server was down. upon arriving at work i find that a bad disk is the cause of the service failure, so basically it’ll be a full day of work to fix it. actually, a full day of waiting around. i have to may perform half a dozen operations which each take 30-90 minutes. he said that i can take a day off this upcoming week, so i’ll be surfing the intarweb today for a bit, and now i have time to update my w3bl0g.

i’ve just read some more in the lucid dream googles that people on SA are constructing. pretty fascinating stuff, i hope to build a pair for myself, but i’m a little intimidated. one used an alarm clock as the timing source for his, another used a pc via the parallel port interface. i don’t really know shit about how either of those works, but i think i can figure it out.

some people are asking him to build some for them and sell them in the SA Mart. i’m not sure if i’d be interested in buying one, or if i won’t negotiate for the glory of crafting my own. i had a few dreams last night, which i felt like i would have recorded, had my journal been next to my bed. i woke up early this morning remembering the dream, but too lazy to move. after thinking about it for a few seconds i was like fuck it, and went back to sleep.

i remember being at the concrete playground thing outside of my apartment in reston, where i used to play when i was very young. i climbed up the stairs next to my balcony which overlook lake anne, and was about to jump into it, but decided not to because i didn’t want to jump into the dirty water. i woke up with a lingering feeling of remorse from my dream, but i can’t recall what from or why. when i recount fragments of dreams it seems like a pointless waste of time, but i remind myself to write down anything, no matter how insignificant it sounds.

i’m supposed to meet primo later today. she called me last saturday when i was in detroit at the festival and invited me to some barbeque. this was really strange because not only have i not talked to her in a few months, but she almost never calls, and especially never out of the blue. i told her i was in detroit and she told me to call her when i got back into town so i did. she told me that her birthday was last monday on memorial day, i wished her a happy belated birthday and asked what she did, to which she replied mushrooms. hahaaha. ookay. she said she invited some other friends to do something today which doesn’t sound like the perfect kind of thing that i’d like to do with her (more like f’ing her), but i’ll deal with that. one thing i’ve learned through her is to expect nothing. upon first meeting her i had a lot of hopes and expectations, all of which were disappointingly shot down. the advantage of this is that i expect nothing to come of it, and liberated of this hope, i can be pleasantly surprised by almost anything. i act differently in different situations, sometimes i’m more reserved, other times i’m more outgoing and don’t care. i fully think that hanging out with her and her friends today i will certainly give absolutely 0 fuck about what happens, and that’s always nice.

i got my needles back from esfand yesterday and spun for 3 hours as soon as i got home. arrived home, played some tracks, and completely got lost in a time warp. it’s really been a while since that’s happened to me. played several hours of entirely 80’s tunes, most of them recent acquisitions. i wanted to record a set last night, but by 10:30 i was so hungry i went to the grocery store to get some food, got home, prepared something, and watched the last samurai. hopefully i’ll have time to record something today, i arranged what i think is a pretty badass sequence of several tunes. i’m also lining some things up for the SA dj battle. that could really be a lot of fun. the scope of SA is so massive, almost every type of community exists there whether it be automotive fanatics, sports junkies, dreamers and philosophers, musicians, computer nerds, etc. there are more than a few battle dj’s on the forum and i believe about 10 of them are competing in the battle. one guy who says he’s been spinning for 10 years posted a preliminary routine. i was really excited to check it out because it would be the opportunity to find out what i’m up against, him being the first to declare himself a turntablist (and anxiously posting up a file of himself). the file in fact wasn’t a routine at all. it was a weak beat playing for three minutes with really vapid cuts over it. maybe some two-second clips from the file sounded good, but as a whole, it was very shallow. i’m not sure how many people on the board really understand how to arrange a battle routine, and acknowledge that it’s more than just skratching and technique. i think submissions are due in about a month or so, so i’ll prepare a prelim file this weekend in anticipation for that. i’ll send it to a few friends to get their impression, but i won’t post it on SA.

david should be arriving here any minute to assist in the exchange server repair, so i’ll wrap this up.


currently listening to: white noise from servers behind me