I don’t know how many other people noticed, but a few days ago I was in a hotel and decided to check on this site (just to make sure it’s still here) and it actually wasn’t here. Instead of the normal site it was a collection of advertisements loosely based on 18th century French history (?). What had happened was the domain expired and the notification email had gone to an address which I no longer use (at my old cmoseley.com portfolio site). Thinking someone had snapped up my domain upon its expiration immediately, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it hadn’t been registered, merely expired. I immediately (like, within 90 seconds) signed up for 2 more years. Phew.

The last few months have been really busy, about 10 shows a month solid. I have a routine where I leave every Friday and come back every Sunday (2+ flights every week). It’s working out great – I’m happy that I can continue to live in Chengdu (my home) instead of living in hotels constantly. And the people I’m working with are great. I’ll try to write more about what I’m up to but motivation has been lacking, especially with all the modern alternatives (facebook, twitter, etc).

Happy Singles Day (11/11).