Tuesday night, Shanghai. I’m here for one more full day, then DJ’ing again tomorrow night, then leaving the following afternoon. I was trying to extend my stay by a few hours so that I could browse Xiang Yang market to get the bag I was looking for, but I got it this afternoon. It’s one of the big ass North Face expedition bags that’s twice the size of the bag I have now. I got it for 180 kuai. Not so bad considering the starting price was 320, but I think I could have gotten cheaper if I didn’t want it as much as I did. As it stood, I went halfway across the city to get this one item. I had seen it in America before coming to China, but it’s really expensive; somewhere around $200. I got it for 1/10th of the price, but I inspected the quality of it before making the purchase. The quality of the material and stitching seems to be the same, but it doesn’t have the same huge plastic zippers that my other NF bag has, which is a downside. It’s much more comfortable though, and now I can go hiking and camping around Sichuan and in Tibet.

I was arranged to play a pair of gigs this weekend in Xi’an, but apparently they’ve been pushed back to the following weekend, the 15/16th. The pay is 1500 a night, which is more than I’ve gotten anywhere here in China (or anywhere else, for that matter). Xi’an is famous for the terracotta (stone) warriors, which I must check out. Sadly, I haven’t really taken any photos here in Shanghai. I’ll get a handful before I leave, but I feel sure that I’ll be back.

I finally finished Sperm Wars. It took forever. I started a new book, which is kind of hokey, but was recommended by David DeAngelo. It’s by Susan Jeffers and it’s called Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway. Unlike Sperm Wars, it’s easy reading, and I got 1/4 of the way through it in one night. When I’m done with that I’ll read 1984.