Just got back from Hong Kong Museum of Art which was unbelievable. Lots of calligraphy, pottery, ancient relics and artifacts from thousands of years ago. Candace was a fantastic guide, and was able to explain a lot of things for me, as well as provide translations. The most impressive art that I saw was on the first floor, and was contemporary Chinese art. Incredible colors, very abstract, beautiful. I got some postcards in the museum gift shop which were rather expensive but are stunning. I will write those and mail them off before I leave. I’m back in the park now, to check my e-mail quickly to see if my arrival time in Chengdu is okay with Matt, then I will book the necessary tickets so that I can be there by tomorrow evening. I couldn’t get my 6-month visa on my German passport today because it wouldn’t be ready until Tuesday, so I’ve made the decision to just go with my US passport and then return here to get one for a longer period if that’s what I choose to do. Candace urged me to return for Chinese New Year on February 10th which is apparently incredible. Lots of fireworks!