Today, my last day in America before leaving China, I didn’t really have plans outlined, but thought I’d do something fun and American.

Instead I got a root canal and spent 7 hours at the dentists office and spent a few thousand dollars.

It’s cool though, because the dentist took half an hour to help me with my golf swing when everyone else had left his office. Your first instinct is right; I’m no golfer, but it made me feel better to chum with the guy who spent the entire day staring at my mouth. He’s a good family dentist though and my Dad generously offerend to split the bill with me, so despite the considerable financial hurdle, it’s all good. Rather than go into descriptive detail about the exhaustion I feel from my body being rigid for 7 hours, I’ll pass out now and get 4 hours of sleep before traveling NYC tomorrow morning and then to Beijing from there tomorrow afternoon. By this time tomorrow I’ll be halfway back to Asia.

End of USA tour 2006!