Last night fucking rocked and is now the greatest night of the tour so far. The venue wasn’t massive like the one just a few days ago, but it was quite large and also had two areas. The lower level was the club area while another room upstairs was almost like a concert hall with the stage in the center of the room, surrounded by stadium seating which probably accomodated 600 people. When we arrived at 10 the place wasn’t too crowded, but by the time I started at midnight the place was insanely packed – I could hardly walk through there.

The actual gig was a blast – I dropped some old Prodigy and the place completely lost it. Before and after performing we were hanging out in a VIP KTV room in the upper level with a lot of the Coors’ bosses – my bosses¬†bosses’ were in there hanging out with us. They took turns telling me how tall I am and we took some photos – standard fare. I asked for a beer and one of the guys left and came back five minutes later with a fucking crate of beer. I’m not talking a case, I’m talking about a 30-gallon tupperware container filled with ice and Coors (Rocky Mountain Cold). So, I drank a lot. When it was time to play, I went downstairs with my bag and 3 beers in hand. When I was finished I went back upstairs to sit down for a few minutes and have another beer to cool down. After 30 minutes of more drinking, the dice game, and shots of beer with Kim, I went down to the dancefloor. Kim said he couldn’t because our boss told him that he can only dance during the stage performance. Well, he didn’t tell me that.

This was probably the best part. As soon as I walk onto the floor, I’m about a foot taller than most of them and everyone just goes completely nuts. I’m drunk enough to¬†act like an idiot and savour every moment of my own drunken insanity – I hold my arms up and everyone does the same and screams, completely crazy energy. The music was the typical 150bpm super fast Chinese garbage, but I didn’t give a shit. Both of the Kims suddenly showed up on the dancefloor and it got completely crazy for the next 40 minutes or so until we left. We were all going off full brock the entire time, and the crowd was nuts. I can only hope to have that much fun again!

Oh, I got a photo of the gig from the other night off Kim’s camera which I posted. I wish I had gotten one of me in front of the crowd.