spent two of the last three days with shayda. she’s pretty cool, but definitely not the kind of girl that i usually date (which is a nice and different thing about her that i like). she’s a 10th grade biology school teacher, which is kind of a trip, because she doesn’t have that part of her life where she spent a few years partying really hard like almost everyone else i know. we made a giant megaman with pixelblocks on sunday, played chess, went swimming, generally did cool shit. also, saw hero at the uptown last night which was pretty sweet. she’s half persian, too.

SA goonmeet this saturday. looks like kevork and esfizzle are making it as well, to this dudes rooftop party on saturday around dupont circle. looks like there are 25+ people that are making it out, i have no idea what that’ll be like.

i need to finish my tefl course faster.

currently listening to: Amon Tobin – Chronictronic