Tonight was my final night of work on this particular trip to Tibet, and it was in a KTV-like disco. For those who don’t know, KTV is an acronym which stands for drugs, prostitutes, and monotonous, mind-numbing house music. I wasn’t really that excited once we’d arrived there, especially after the relative excellence of the previous two gigs in a more standard club environment. The equipment was terrible – not only did that not have turntables, but they didn’t even have turntable-emulating CD players. No sir, only a rack-mount Denon dual CD player which didn’t read all of my CD’s properly. The crowd was also really fickle – one moment the dancefloor would be empty and the next it would be so full you couldn’t fit another person on it. It had its moments though; when Dave did his fire dance I played Intergalactic by the Beastie Boys which he apparently hadn’t heard in years, and got so excited dancing around that he had an asthma attack. The fire poi flying around him ate up most of the already-thin air around him, apparently. We both laughed about it a few minutes afterwards.