Last night, for the first time in China, I saw a stripper perform at a nightclub that I had a show at. This is highly illegal and as such, was really entertaining for me personally. Several times previously I’d heard that such and such location actually had (partially) naked women dancing on stage. It’s really not a big deal unless you’re in a country under communist control. This results in an out of balance society where public sexuality is outlawed and as a result the (not much) more private prostitution industry has proliferated to fill every inadequacy created by these restrictive laws. It’s nonsense. But in a club in Changsha, here was a lone crusader taking off her top for justice in the form of exposed breasts. In the middle of her dance an MC got on the microphone and asked the crowd “ANY PERVERTS IN HERE??” (in Chinese: 这里有色狼吗?!) to which I replied an emphatic “YEEEAAH!!” which garnered hearty laughs from everyone within earshot.