i meant to write in here yesterday but i never got around to it. so, i’ll take the time now, before i really get settled in at work.

yesterday i shipped off my effects processor. i sold it on eBay a few days ago after finally just getting it back. chris left it in virginia beach when we played there 2 years ago! the slacker finally sent it back, but it had been gone so long when i got it that i didn’t feel any kind of need or want for it. i was surprised at how much it garnered on eBay, about 85% of it’s original value. good news!

Kat sent me an IM yesterday. usually when she contacts me online she sounds really friendly and enthusiastic which sometimes throws me off. i’m not sure if i know what she really thinks about me, and i feel like i’m always getting mixed signals from her. i don’t let it bother me though, what she thinks of me is her business. she wants me to come out there to visit her in June, i’m not sure if i should. i’d like to see her, and i’d also like to spend some more time in that area, but i guess i just need some time to think about it.

the last week of may (memorial day weekend) i’m going to detroit. i’ve never been to detroit, so i’m looking forward to seeing a new city and getting some good photographs. james says that he knows of some really photogenic spots that he’ll take me to, and some abandoned buildings and things. another reason why i’m going is for the detroit electronic music festival (DEMF) which is a weekend-long outdoor festival with tens of thousands of people. i’ve seen pictures of it and it looks pretty amazing. anyway, that’ll be my weekend trip.

i’ll get started with work now-