No, I just woke up. But that seems to be the theme here in South Beach. Maybe more like: “drunk, sunburned, and wearing enormous stupid sunglasses”. When did Jackie O. glasses come back in style‰?ö Everyone but me is wearing huge sunglasses that cover the top half of their face – it’s fascinating.

The day before yesterday Kevork was suposed to arrive at 3pm from DC but his flight was diverted to the Bahamas because of a storm. That evening the weather wasn’t very nice, so I learned how to play Hold ‘Em poker. It wasn’t very difficult though, as I think the variations from normal poker aren’t that extreme. I played with three other players who’ve played a lot and beat them all. It was glorious. We want to have a rematch but the weather has been too nice to even consider staying inside and playing poker. We went to the Remix Hotel the day before yesterday to catch Enfernos showcase at the Serato Scratch booth which was unbelievable. I’ve seen several other showcases in the last few days; Jazzy Jay, Shortee, etc, and none of them even came close to Enfernos. He had a bunch of outboard equipment though, including two laptops, a micro-Korg, two midi controllers, etc. He’s performing it again today and I’ll check it out and get some more photos and video.

Yesterday we went back to the Remix hotel and met up with Kevork and Sondra, the Premiere Talent queen (manager of a booking agency). We went to their hotel room at the Avalon and checked out Kevorks DVD that he just finished, called Mixmasters, which is based upon the party of the same name that happened here last year. He also brought a bottle of special coffee-flavored Petron. We took 3-4 shots before heading outside to eat and then walking around. Later in the evening we went to the Stones Throw 10th Anniversary Party with J-Rocc and Peanut Butter Wolf. It was badass – JRocc was great, and I got to meet some new DJs that I hadn’t known personally before, like C2C and Birdy Nam Nam. Lil Mike of BNN is a big cocaine-head which was kind of disappointing. I think by this point we were all already wasted. That afternoon we bought a big bottle of Smirnoff vodka and half a dozen smaller bottles of Snapple which I carred around and dispensed out of my backack. The bottle of vodka, and us, were basically killed before the sun went down. After the Stones Throw party ended we went back to Isaacs house where the skratch Gods had an informal session in a house party. BNN’s manager was tore to pieces and fell onto the couch and couldn’t get up. So naturally everyone starts drawing on his face, putting cigarettes in his mouth, mousse in his hair, etc. I got plenty of photos and videos of the retarded shenanigans. Crazy B and PFel cut it up proper, I got video of that also but I’m not sure how well it came out since it was really loud in the room at the time. At some point in the evening we (me, Dave, Tay, and Mike) got on scooters and cruised around looking for a party on 7th street which I don’t think we ever found. I think we got on the scooters and started cruising when the objective changed from trying to find this place to just driving around and being crazy. Dave pulled up next to a Suzuki GSXR 600 and revved up the engine on his 100cc scooter – it was badass.

There’s a DJ battle at the Wyndham shortly which I’ll go to to check out. Isaac and Eric are judging and SPS is competing, who I’ve never seen before. I’m more interested in seeing him than anyone else that’s competing. I don’t know what’s happening afterwards, if not checking out the Scratch Academy than maybe going to Ultra. I don’t know if that’s in the cards; I won’t go if I can’t get in for free, and even then, I’m really only interested in seeing Tek Dubz (Photek & Craze with MC Armanni) and the enormous crowd. I haven’t heard great things about the party otherwise, though. Generally the super massive parties doesn’t appeal to me so much unless it’s thrown by Ultraworld.

I could keep writing for an hour but I’ll stop now, and make a more solid effort to write here at least once a day! I’m leaving for the battle with Isaacs girlfriend Sara in a few moments.