Yesterday I finished the flyer for Disco Death next weekend in Dali, Yunnan Province. We’re doing a show in Kunming (capital of Yunnan) and then taking a weekend trip to Dali to hang out for a few days with old friends we haven’t seen in a while. From what I hear, a lot has changed since the last time I was in Dali (February 2009, just before I went to Vietnam) and I’m looking forward to hanging out at Bad Monkey, renting motorcycles and driving around the lake again, and drinking smoothies in the China sub-tropic.

Disco Death Dali

Since Tuesday (the official release date), I’ve been playing Starcraft II like a fiend. I haven’t played games of any kind of months (Xbox 360 has been collecting dust for the better part of a year) but the online play is simultaneously exciting and frusterating. One thing they’ve done a great job of is matching up players of equal skill. Nearly every game is a struggle and often I lose to really creative and well-executed tactics. This game is like chess on crack – you mind and hands absolutely cannot stop moving for a moment throughout the entire game. I just got promoted to the platinum league as well (the highest of 5 levels of skill on I’m about to get my ass kicked.

Platinum league