soul selekta: tell me something about yourself that’s interesting.
Crazy & Emo: lets see
Crazy & Emo: im lactose and tolerant
Crazy & Emo: but i love ice cream
soul selekta: do you mean lactose intolerant?
Crazy & Emo: its called lactose and tolerant in rome, but ok yeah probably
soul selekta: what does lactose and tolerant mean?
Crazy & Emo: that you can have some stuff but not other stuff
Crazy & Emo: like i cant drink straight milk but if its mixed with some stuff i can maybe
soul selekta: lactose intolerance is the inability to digest cows milk
Crazy & Emo: oh
Crazy & Emo: hmm
soul selekta: lactose is a sugar in milk and most dairy products made from milk
Crazy & Emo: i dont know im not really medical and stuff
Crazy & Emo: haha
Crazy & Emo: we didnt have a doctor in rome
soul selekta: oh, okay

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