Chengdu Gaming Federation Flyers

We’ve been hosting Chengdu Gaming Federation events for just over half a year now. Here are a few of the flyers for those events, one of which is tonight (the Street Fighter 2 Tournament). This has been a really fun project.

CGF Flyers

These flyers are depicted inside of an iPhone because that is the way they are distributed (digitally).

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Event Flyer Designs #1

Chengdu event flyer designs
Recently I’ve been designing some event flyers optimized for mobile sharing. They are all to iPhone 5 resolution (640×1136 px) and made to be shared on mobile social networks like WeChat. I experimented with some animated gif flyers at this size which had moving parts or text that changes color, but the animating process was slow using Photoshop, so I went back to static designs.

When I first started doing Disco Death in 2010, I designed and printed meter-tall posters for each event. It was exciting to embrace a new format which came with different challenges, and recently I feel the same way about designing for mobile first. Although the lack of a physical flyer feels like something may be lost, the viral potential of a digital flyer is far unparalleled.

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