just got back from club Utopia where there was Bassrush, the enormous drum & bass massive.

before going to bassrush i met claire and jane at an art show in a loft just east of the 110, in the industrial area of town. apparently this artist dude lives in this huge loft there where he hosted this art show. the theme of the show was “Peaceful Warriors”, and it was essentially an anti-war statement with all of the art being on the canvas of military fatigues. all over the white walls of this loft were camo jackets hung up with the artwork on the back exposed. some of them were pretty nice, one in particular was made with 3 stencils and spray paint. it was a 3-dimensional image of the statue of liberty, which was crying a tear of blood. oh sweet sensational politically-inspired artwork. i had a few minutes to speak with the organizer of the show, he was kind of a heavy, haggard, kevin-smith/che guevara looking guy. i asked him about the show and the theme, and he in so many words said rage against the machine, in true los angeles fashion. well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

onto bassrush. the place was huge, it reminded me of the dc armory. it was different with it being all drum & bass though, i guess i’m used to having different rooms with their own style of music playing.

at one point i’m chilling by the bar with some friends and in the corner of my eye i see this girl passed out lying on this couch in a corner. some people tried to get her up, but quickly gave up and walked away, and the girl was still passed out. a few minutes passed and people kept looking at her, until i got told a security guard that there was a girl passed out there. one of his security buddies checked her out, then two more came, and then one more. so now there are 5 security guards trying to get her up, meanwhile everyong standing around thinks she’s dead or something. she finally gets up after 10 minutes with their help, and the security dude shook my hand and said thank you. i’m glad she didn’t die. that probably would’ve majorly harshed everyones buzz. you’re entering a world of pain.

anyway. pendulum was sick. serious dancefloor business. they seem to be good at making pretty melodic tech step. it’s tech step, but they incorporate short and catchy melodies that stick in your head. they would probably make for a decent cell phone ring tone. far fucking out, man.

i checked out san andreas from the local blockbuster this afternoon when it was raining. the game is dope, but i haven’t adjusted to being able to play video games for more than maybe 90 minutes at a time, yet. i get fatigued, bored, and restless. obviously, you are not a golfer.

everyday i notice how trendy this place and these people are. i get the feeling that styles and trends change here along with the wind direction. practically everyone had one of those ‘junglist/hip hop’ beanies with the small bill turned sideways and a hoody on. rockstar shit is also really popular here. everyone wants to look like a 70’s british rock star, wearing studded belts and converse all stars with emo glasses. you’re goddamn right i’m living in the fucking past!

god bless walter sobechak and el duderino.

currently listening to: marley – burnin’ and lootin’