Two days ago I returned from 8 days in Hong Kong, which was a nice break from the mainland. As usual I crashed with Cassady (DJ Enso), good friend, generous host, and all around champion. Since my last visit to Hong Kong, Cassady had moved to a new apartment on the 11th floor among towering office buildings and the droning noise of Lan Kwai Fong, Central District.

It was a week of living the high life in Hong Kong, eating fine falafels by day and ripping drum & bass records by night. Although the conditions in Hong Kong aren’t generally conducive to being relaxed and comfortable, Cassady has carved out a very nice lifestyle and I was mostly treated to that for a brief period. The women that he had coming in and out of his place – incredible. Truly living the high life, he is (in Yoda voice).

The week that I was there Google announced that “Street View” is now enabled in Hong Kong. Cool! Check out Central, it’s a truly awe-inspiring neighborhood. Fortunately the photos were taken in the daytime, before Lan Kwai Fong turns into the Asian Bourbon Street. Also known as the “Europetown” of Hong Kong.

To give you an idea: this photo was taken about five meters from the doorway that leads to Cassady’s apartment where I was staying: