popped into Muse for the first time last night, pretty wicked club. ASC was playing there for a free on a friday night. the line was really long, but the place was absolutely packed. it was apparently ASC’s first time playing in LA. oh, the tunes he dropped.. too bad pat and esfand weren’t here to hear it.

i hung out with eric metro last night before going to Muse. he’s a pretty cool dude. he moved here from florida and brought a shitload of stuff with him. his place is fully furnished like he’s been living here for years. interesting..

tonight is bassrush, the legendary west coast drum & bass massive. the headliners aren’t really anyone that i’m particularly interested in (dieselboy, pendulum, mampi swift), although mampi with mc ic3 should be something new and hopefully a lot of fun. i heard that mampi insisted on only having ic3 mc for him, who’s never been to la. people told me to go not just because of the dj’s but because it’s BASSRUSH and everyone goes. i think i can understand that because i’ve told people the exact same thing about starscape.

living in venice is really fantastic. i ride my bike around on the boardwalk all the time and get food there and watch the sunset. there’s still a lot to venice that i haven’t seen, i think. i rode to santa monica yesterday also, which is a really nice ride along a bike path that goes right next to the ocean.

i think i’m going to hook up the ps2 today and see if i can’t get blazed and rent gta: san andreas since it’s overcast today.