Chengdu driver

I hurt my left ankle longboarding about 2 weeks ago and have been taking a lot of taxis since then. The other day I noticed something different: within a row of taxis there was a single three-wheeled car. It looked like a normal car except there was only a single wheel in front instead of two. The car was noisy and sounded more like a motorcycle than a car, although it had a steering wheel and most of the traditional trappings of a car, as you’ll see in the video.

Curious, I headed straight for that and he took me from the software park where I work to my house. As soon as I got in the car, he was all about chatting with me about all sorts of things: life in China, my background, and whether or not we could be friends. He embodied the attitude that I’ve come to know many Chinese people for: a hard working spirit, humble naivety, and a great desire to know and experience things outside of their circle of understanding. This desire to learn and understand more, along with their work hard to achieve anything attitude, has enabled China to achieve big things.

While driving on a highway into Chengdu, the car suddenly broke down and we pushed it down an exit ramp. Good times in Chengdu.