New city, Zhuhai. Population 600,000 and bordering Macao to the north. I can walk to the border where labrynth-like casinos and Portugese are waiting for me. I’ve only been here a day, but I like this place more than Guangzhou. It’s much cleaner. There are fewer people. The place just has a real nice vibe and more of a coastal city feel, including the breeze which relieves some of the insane humidity.

Last night was supposed to be our day off but in the evening a van showed up to pick us up and take us to the place we’re performing at on Saturday. It wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t interrupt our hotel room viewing of the 2005 remake of Reefer Madness, which is fucking badass.

The club is┬átremendous. It reminds me very much of a larger version of the 930 club. Very similar arrangement with larger capacity and dozens of KTV rooms. We were told that we’d only have to spend an hour there, so we went to some remote KTV room and had some drinks with the owner of the club and some Coors executives. After 15 minutes in there they lead us out of the room to a second floor balcony where we’re above the DJ booth looking out over the crowd of maybe 600 people, above which there are two ballerina-looking girls swinging on a narrow ladders hanging off the ceiling 20 feet above the crowd. They did Cirque Du Soliel type tricks, hanging off eachother, spinning around, and so forth. It looked very dangerous. After they were done we were led back to the KTV room where they brought the ballerinas a few minutes later. It was weird to see them face to face. Not only were they tiny (maybe 5’0″ tall), but they were so young. They didn’t look to be more than 16, which sort of freaked me out. Regardless, the show was proper business.

I’ve been watching a lot of movies in the last few days. I saw The Manchurian Candidate last night (for the second time; the first time on the flight to Tokyo), Ken Park the night before, and Collateral, The Final Cut, and American Giggalo in the few days before that. The only one that really sucked was The Final Cut, with Robin Williams. The Manchurian Candidate and Collateral are fantastic, Ken Park is among the most fucked up films I’ve ever seen, and American Giggalo is just classy as all hell. I bought Sin City last night and I’ll watch that one soon.

It’s raining really hard here.