Japan Air once again demonstrates its excellence in spades. When the meal was served, we were presented with a choice of two dishes, one of which being TEN-DON (I do not know what it is and I just finished it) and beef stew (boring). It was a full four course meal including salad, sushi, the mighty TEN-DON, and coffee mousse for dessert. Instead of asking what I’d like to drink, the stewardess asked if I wanted beer or wine. Kirin Draft it was! After the meal was done, green tea was served out of a traditional and elaborate porcelain pot. I had two cups of that, and then bottles of water were passed out. After eating, I popped up the mini TV and flipped through the Japanese channels. I scanned right by one that looked like WWF wrestling, but I watched for a few moments and quickly saw that it was completely different. These huge dudes (one of which who was 7’4″) were beating the hell out of eachother; it was ultimate fighting. Called the Pride fighting championship. I watched for about 20 minutes until it got to the end, at which point they called a draw in the final match between a huge russian guy and a japanese ninja-like dude. The commentary for it was actually in english, but everything had Japanese subtitles and it was clearly filmed in Japan. There was blood all over the white surface of the ring, and there were Japanese guys with cameras circling all over the ring. I’m listening to a recent John B set which has some killer tunes on it. I think I’ll transfer it to the ipod and listen to it that way so I can shut off the computar.