12 hours ago I arrived in Miami and was picked up by Isaac and Sara. I was really beat after spending the entire day on airplanes, but I had a great time catching up with them and talking until late at night. It’s great to be back in South Beach – the weather is flawless and not like anything I’ve seen in 6 months. I was surprised to find that LA was much colder than I’d expected, but there’s nothing like that here. I need to find a new pair of flip flops here since I left my good pair in China.

At 2pm we’ll go to the Remix hotel, I think to catch Erics showcase. I saw a video of it online and it looks pretty inventive – it involves a drum machine and sequencer in addition to foot pedal and turntables. C2C is supposed to be there tomorrow, I’m really looking forward to that. Last night I saw the 2005 DMC World Supremacy DVD where Isaac got beat out by this Rafik-like guy who did the same routines over and over. I don’t know what it is with German turntablists and all the weird beeps and tones – I guess that’s really popular there.

Last night I had a slice of pizza larger than my head. We took a video of the first bite. It was delicious!