I’m at Kid Castle now, hanging out in the office area. I started working here yesterday, and waking up early today was a bitch. I’m reminded that aside from DJ’ing, this is the first time I’ve worked in six months. Unbelievable; it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long, but when I look back, it’s been an incredible half year of adventure and growth. I work until 6 today and then I’ll meet up with Qingwei, then probably go to sleep early because I’ve been missing sleep the last two days. Last night I met up with Edwin at 2Pac, had a few drinks, and hung out there for an hour or so. Glad he’s back from Hong Kong, super cool guy. I don’t really like hanging out in clubs unless there’s a really good DJ or I’m playing, but he’s of a like mind and prefers to chat about whatever rather than sit around in a loud club not being able to talk to anyone. This politics of this are different in China as the DJ’s, as they relate to their American counterparts, are vastly inferior. Before going to 2Pac I stopped by Babi, the place was insanely packed. Both rooms, both floors. It was a Friday night, but it’s incredible how that place can be absolutely rammed every night of the week, no matter what.

I forgot to write about the Madam Zung’s gig last Wednesday night, just before I left Shanghai. It was incredible, and was a good reminder about what DJ’ing is all about. The best in China, along with Lanzhou. Good crowd, good tunes, drum & bass, and some supreme CDJ1000 CD players which I’m now totally comfortable with. The learning curve on those, for someone who’s a turntable DJ, is unbelievably small. I was invited to come back to open for Intalex on the 29th, but they said they’d only pay for train fare there, and not plane, so I’ll have to think about it.