worked at andalu again last night. had a good time, the place got crazy as it always was. met a ukranian chick with a russian guy who said she didn’t want me to take their photo because her husband might see. just like last week except with a woman instead of a guy. why is it that i keep running into people having affairs on tuesdays at andalu? maybe that means the party is awesome.

i shot one group of people and this tiny girl was like “let me get a picture of you!”. i reluctantly gave her my camera and she took the shot.

i’m finally working on a logo and business cards for White Kite again. i put most WK-related projects on hold indefinitely about 6 months ago but now i’m finding that it’s important that as i get more freelance work it’s important that i get it on its feet. another promoter from spank approached me last night and asked me to photograph his night every week at 1223. and anthony is throwing other events, this week on friday and also on saturday. not sure that i want to commit to that (actually, i’m pretty sure that i don’t unless it pays significantly more than i get on tuesdays, which it should).

finishing up here at work and then going to kevorks PG cigar shop in mclean to get some shots for him of the location. oh, i tried a crazy trick that i saw on SA today while installing win2000 on a new computer. i turned the 50mm prime slr lens backwards on the body of my camera, held it in place, and took some shots. the result is like a really crazy macro lens. super super zoom. i took some test shots of the inside of a case, the 18-55mm lens and some other stuff. haven’t looked at them yet, but i will in a few minutes.