Just got back from Digital Square with Matthew, that place, and this city are incredibly fantastic. I haven’t even been here 24 hours, but I love this place. I bought a bunch of things for super cheap today, I got 4 DVD’s for just under $3 US. The Bourne Supremacy, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, The Shining, and a russian movie which I can’t read, but has a super cool cover (and english subtitles).

Had another Snow on the street, wandered around downtown Chengdu, played a 75 minute game of Starcraft with Matt (just barely pulled out a last minute victory), and saw almost too many incredible things to even recall. Saw a 3 year old with the smallest dog I’ve ever seen, smaller than Giselle. Wish I had my camera. Met a girl in the square who was like an anime character, short with pink hair, constantly smiling, very friendly; however, can’t recall her name. Learned a few new phrases in Mandarin today, most importantly how to give directions, how to ask how much something costs, and how to say beer and other very important things. Oh, I got Gradius for GBA for $20rmb, just under $3US also, it rules. I’m headed out to get a bite to eat now though, looking to find some hot pot.