i’ve had what i’d really consider a pretty interesting day, all things considered. most people would probably call it a bad day, but i’m cool with that.

i started working here a few years ago as a hai finance employee. hai finance is the investment group that owns and manages all of the small sub-companies, including webgear which also works in the same office space. i’m happy working for hai finance. i was told today by the webgear manager that i can choose to accept a full time position working for webgear or find a new job, basically. while it might be economically rational to try and work it out, it’s difficult for me to imagine myself being able to deal with working closely with him. i haven’t spoken about it to david, who’s the hai finance manager yet because he’s been unavailable all day. what he says is really the determining factor in the decision that i’ll have to make. i made it clear to beau, the webgear manager, today that while i’ve been here a long time, i’m comfortable leaving. i think that they need me a lot more than i need them. maybe we’ll find out.

in a sense it’s pretty exciting because i feel like i’ve been here for such a long time. maybe i’m ready to try something new. it’s doubtful that i’ll stick around here long if this ends up not working out. it’s been my plan all along to ride this till i’m done with it, and then leave and see something else. all i think i need is the mental preparation and motivation to bid adieu to everything that’s familiar to me here, including family, friends, and everything else. i think i can do that.

maybe i should feel frusterated and worried, but i don’t.