i saw a listing on craigs list for a writer to do reviews of local bars and clubs. what the hell, i have some free time. i wrote a review of Vida and e-mailed it to them, here it is:

Approaching Vida, located at 20th & M St. among the Districts most prosperous business entities, I’m greeted by business-like grinning hosts politely requesting $10 as if it’s a donation. When asked like that by a doorman, it’s easy to be happy about where you find yourself.

Inside Vida is packed with a crowd that’s both highly affluent and cultured. Women are all wearing skirts and men all have immaculately sculpted sideburns, and everyone is mingling. The drinks are flowing like blood in Mortal Kombat, and it doesn’t look like anyone has a problem with paying $8 for a Bacardi & coke. No sir, this is a high-class affair.

Some chatting reveals that the people filling this club are as friendly and talkative as the doormen. Social home to a multi-national crowd hailing from Hungary, Spain, Czech Republic, Austria, and surely others, everyone is happy and excited to talk about where they’re from.

The club spans two floors with three distinct areas, and excellent design prevent it from falling into common popular-club pitfalls like restricted corridors between areas. Upon entrance you’ll see an enormous bar surrounded by a dozen people trying anxiously to get the bartenders attention. The DJ is playing reggae and funk CD’s to the left . Look to your right and you’ll see an intimate outdoor area complete with tables, chairs, and a cash-only, festively decorated outdoor bar. Out here there are large groups occupying the tables which are in high-demand. This is where people come to further get to know eachother without the distractions of loud music and the crowd. If the dancefloor is your interest, head up the spiral staircase to the second level which is absolutely packed, driven by a DJ playing house and trance. It’s hot up here and beautiful smiling women are in excess. The fringe of the floor is populated by people taking breaks from dancing, conversing over cocktails. The bar on this floor is manned by two tenders who more than have their hands full. Their preparation and expertise is demonstrated when I order a mojito with no problems. No place ever seems to have mint leaves.