i have to write about yesterday, because it was so great.

i had to go to traffic court for a speeding ticket that i got 3 weeks ago, for going 75 in a 55. i got the ticket at 3:30am on a monday morning on the toll road going home from the bus station. i had just returned from nyc and was with erica. between getting the ticket and appearing in court, i found an ebook online called pay no fine which tells you how to contest a traffic ticket. i read the book and prepared some questions in a line of defense, and it miraculously worked. the charges were dropped, no points were assessed, and i didn’t have to pay anything (not even a court cost). that was the first omen. 

then i return to my office around noon and while i’m checking SH/SC on SA i find a thread about a dell rebate. it was an instant rebate that was good only for one day, $750 off any inspiron notebook over $1500. i’m typing this journal entry on my thinkpad, which i love and is great, but it’s also old. i wanted a new laptop so i could run newer versions of the software that i use (i only have photoshop 7 on here, for example), but i didn’t have a few grand to drop on a serious upgrade. anyway, i got an inspiron 8600 with the following specs:

Pentium 4-M 715 Processor
15.4″ uxga display, 1920×1240 resolution
512mb DDR
128mb Radeon 9600 ProTurbo
40gb hdd
$900 not incl shipping and tax 

as soon as i got it i knew that i had to sell this laptop, since i don’t need two. i was hoping to get $700-800, but i already found a buyer willing to pay $800. now i just need to sell two desktops.

i saw team america: world police the other night with esfand. i wanted to see the movie and heard it was hilarious, but i wasn’t sure if it was worth seeing in the theater. we got blazed and needless to say, i laughed as hard as i can remember laughing in a movie theater. i downloaded the soundtrack off nmp3s and it is exceptional.

tomorrow is my last day here in the office, and on friday i go on vacation for 9 days. life is really sweet just before you’re hopelessly broke.

currently listening to: America, Fuck Yeah!