As you may or may not know, Twitter is (and has been blocked) in Mainland China. Iran’s Twitter Revolution has the Beijing regime fearing for the spread of ideas and opinions so the service remains mostly accessible from the world’s largest internet audience. For this reason, I have seldom used the service over the last year unless I’ve been travelling in Hong Kong or other countries in Asia.

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However, I’ve recently come upon a solution, via an API Proxy trick that enables me to send and receive tweets from my iPod Touch (thanks to Kevin for his help working that out) and I’m reading and sending tweets again. Hooray.

If you’re on Twitter frequently, follow me and see what I’m up to as I navigate my way through life, work, and fun in Chengdu.

Oh, there’s a Chengdu Living twitter account as well which I’m updating more now that I can access the service from my mobile device. Follow that, too.