I’ve found a place with reliable internet, it’s at the far end of Kowloon park at the foot of those office buildings. I went there this morning to check my e-mail. Made a quick call to the US to speak to my mother, it was nice to hear her voice and know that she’s okay. I went to a travel agency and I should have my mainland visa in 7 hours, by 6pm. I had to leave my passport with them, but there were no applications or anything to fill out which makes it very quick and easy. The cost was $1,140 HKD, $10 less than the quote I got yesterday. It’s still by no means a cheap visa, at about US$175. It will last 90 days though and should go a long way, and I’ve already gotten two free 90 day visas (Japan and HK) so it’s a reasonable price to pay.

I stopped off back at my apartment to drop off my laptop and pick up my camera. I think I’ll go back to Mong Kok today and take a walk around that area, and then go to Lam Pau to see the giant buddah, be back here by 6 to get my passport, and then to the harbor at 8pm to see the light show. Maybe tonight I will go to Lockhart Road in Wan Chai which I’ve heard about. It being Friday night, the area should be very active. I’m going to quickly browse some photos that I got yesterday on the computer and then take a 15 minute rest before heading back out.

I listened to a recent John B set on Kiss FM on my iPod walking down the street which was fantastic. His older set from Kiss (recorded I think in 2000) has always been a personal favorite of mine, when his label Shoebox was new. He’s changed dramatically since then, but the good thing about that is that with John B, it’s always new and different, and he’s not afraid to pioneer new sounds. Okay, photos & rest.