I’ve been traveling around the last few weeks, moved house, and haven’t felt like writing too much, so, I haven’t written here at all. Anyway-

I’m at a surprisingly luxurious hotel in Shiyan, a really middle-of-nowhere city in Central China. I came here this afternoon after an 8-hour long drive from Changsha, where I had a show last night. This city is up in the mountains, and there are no train stations or airports in the vicinity at all. I don’t know why Chivas really even bothers promoting here, but they are the sponsor. Oh, and I’m performing along with two other acts – a troupe of Russian dancers who dress up as pirates, and a magician from Alaska. I’m so glad to be a DJ.

In the last few weeks I’ve been to Wuhan and Chongqing as well. Chongqing was fun, I would have gotten to play a big outdoor party in a public square with 1,000 people if it weren’t shut down by cops at 11:30pm. At least I got to see some good bands play earlier in the evening and check out a region of Chongqing that I’m not too familiar with. Also I picked up my turntable which has been sitting in the studio in Chongqing for months and took it back to Chengdu where I am now fully equipped. I should get a photo of the studio at home now that I’ve amassed everything into one place.

It’s 6pm and I’m waiting for the promoters to call me so we can go out to eat. I’m hungry and the last meal I ate was at a highway rest stop restaurant which was a bustling hot spot of wandering peasants. Talk to you later-